The perfect functional workout.

Each class is a full body workout meaning even if you can only take class twice a week you will reap the benefits of a Pilates practice. Classes are designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles and re-align the body by moving the spine in all planes of motion. Reformer classes will utilize a variety of Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer and EXO chair. Additionally we offer a multitude of fusion-style classes which incorporate not only the Pilates apparatus but include modalities such as Barre and TRX as well. ACME Pilates truly does have something to offer everyone.


- Group Classes
- Private Lessons
- Semi - Private Lessons (2 - 6 people)




You'll be instantly hooked!!

"I attended my first ever session of Pilates, yesterday. I never thought Pilates was a real work out boy was I in for a rude awakening. Steve was wonderful, I like his hands on technique to insure you're using the proper form. I absolutely, loved the demo with Steve,he was very informative in explaining the history of Pilates and he makes it fun. I'm sore today, I can't wait until my first 50 minute session next weekend. 
If you haven't tried Pilates, I strongly recommend you try a free demo. You'll be instantly hooked!!"

— Angela Bryant

Excellent studio!

"Excellent studio! 
The instructors are 1st class and the studio is always in tip top shape!! 
Great work out!!"

— Sean Gipson

I would definitely recommend...

“I took an intro class as it was my first experience with Pilates and it was all around amazing! Everyone was friendly and inviting and I was shown all different kinds of variations and progressions. I loved every minute of this!! I have chronic pain and lots of popping joints, and during this workout my body didn’t pop ONCE! Such a low impact workout but still had me sweating! I would definitely recommend this to anyone whether you have pain or not.”

— Carissa Hudson